Tucson Catalina State Park

Las Vegas was busy. We had so many people we hadn't seen in a while, and with trying to squeeze in errands and homework, we ran out of time to get fully settled. Our next stop was back through Phoenix, and on to Tucson, to see more family! My in-laws had also recently bough an RV, and had joined an RV club. They were heading out, so we could only catch them if we hurried to Tucson, before they left town themselves. While we probably could have used a bit more time in Vegas, to prepare, we hurried out to catch up with them. The Catalina State Park in Tucson was really nice. We would have loved to stay another day or two, but unfortunately they were filled up, so the single night we stayed, was all the time we were able to have. We buttoned up the trailer, and headed to our next destination, Las Cruces, NM.