Dallas, TX and The Sixth Floor Museum

On the way to Dallas, my eyes began watering, and I started getting a bit stuffy. I remembered my allergies from when we lived here all those years ago, and thought...here we go again. We stayed at a nice place close to McKinney, and spent the next morning taking a drive by tour of our old places we lived, shopped, and sent the kids to school. 10 years can change a lot. It was the same...but way busier and filled in with more shops and homes. We traveled into Dallas and visited the 6th floor museum. It's pretty cool to be that close to history. The assassination of JFK, is a bit tragic...but I have seen that grassy knoll so many times in school and movies, I really wanted to see it in real life. It was interesting, but not exactly worth the price of admission. 71 dollars for the family, for a bunch of old photos enlarged, and an audio tour. The Movie was better. I would have been fine just parking and walking around the hill. There are big white X marks on the street where he was shot. 

After the museum, we went to The twisted root burger company, and the food was delicious. It was a fun environment, and I liked the cheesy pop culture puns, as they called out orders. Everyone got a cool shake, I just wasn't feeling it, my allergies were really kicking my butt. Then Sarah said it, "Maybe your just sick?" Don't be ridiculous, I never get sick! The kids chimed in, "Dad's don't get sick days." She asked me, "Well is it just your eyes and stuffy nose?" !...!...! No! I feel achy, and sore and have had a headache since Big Springs. She was right! I was sick! By the time we got back to the RV I was full blown sick. Sarah quarantined me to the bedroom, and I went straight to sleep. In the morning, she told the office we would stay one more day, made everyone breakfast, went shopping and took the girls to get haircuts. I slept all day. I never planned for sick days on our timeline! We had stayed an extra day in Dallas, but it worked out fine. Sarah bought me DayQuil and I drank my Emergen-C. The next day I felt a lot better, so we left Dallas towards San Antonio. On the way, we stopped by Magnolia Farms in Waco, TX. We took some photos and left our mark, unfortunately, literally. Then we continued toward San Antonio. We didn't make it all the way. (Traffic in Dallas and a late start.) we stopped at a RV Park in Salados,TX and will finish the drive tomorrow.