Carlsbad Caverns

Woke up late, (Should I start every post with that?) but still had time to visit the Caverns. Amazing feeling of the granduer of GOD! The photos I took, don't do any justice to the scale of the space we were in. There are caverns that are so small, visitors need to slide on their belly to get to. We followed the Natural Entrance and stayed on the main trail. It is paved and mostly wheelchair accessible, but I can't imagine rolling or pushing the trail I had a challenge walking! We enjoyed, the walk, and I really enjoyed the quiet required in the cave. After we finished the walk, we had a picnic at the lookout, outside on top. Sarah wanted to see Roswell, NM again, so we drove the 2 hours there for dinner at the space ship McDonald's. We missed the UFO museum, but it was a nice drive, and we talked about Aliens all the way there and back. On the way there the sky's were crazy, so we enjoyed the alien conversations. It was a a fun day. Next we are off to Texas.