World's Largest North Carolina

Some Zoos measure their size based on the number of animals or species they have. There are many Zoo's with more animals than the North Carolina Zoo, but it is the world's largest walking zoo, in terms of area. It has 500 acres developed, and an additional 1500 acres for future expansion. The enclosures were like an environment, and nothing like a cage. The Rhinos, Ostrich, and Antelopes were in a Savannah like area, over 37 acres alone. It was huge.

We walked over 5 miles, and even had to ride the tram, to get back to our car. We were exhausted by the end of the day, but it was definitely worth it. The animals may not have been in their natural habitat, but it was honestly the next best thing, for these rescued animals.

The food was crazy overpriced, but the admission ticket was real cheap. We were able to buy a year pass, with a long list of reciprocal zoos. Now we will likely be visiting a few more zoos on our journey. Now we will be working our way back toward Arizona. The south has been fun, but I think we all miss the west coast a bit.