Universal Studios and the Tourist Trap

After the Everglades, we left the camp, and travelled back north toward Orlando again. We were going to go to Universal Studios this time, since our last trip was shortened by the dates we could get in Key West. We found a great little KOA RV park just north of Orlando. It was nice, quiet, clean...and had Awesome WiFi! The kids were really in need of some school time, so we decided to stay home the first day and get schoolwork done. They got so much done, we thought one more day, and they could get caught up completely. They didn't but it did help to have the days. The third day we went to Universal Studios. WoW. What a tourist trap! The longest line, was to buy the tickets. They finger printed us just like Disney, so now my right index finger is all over the Internet I guess. They even use it to assign lockers, which are required before nearly every ride. 

The food was of course over priced, the rides, though all different, felt very similar. 3D glasses and a cart, or seat, or buggy that moves shakes and spits water at you. We liked the Harry Potter section, which has since sparked another Potter marathon in the trailer. The rest was really just one shop after another. Their "City Walk" is essentially a huge outdoor mall with a Hard Rock, Bubba Gump, Panda Express and Starbucks just to name a few. I'm sure most people like it, but as a Vegas Kid, I'm done with the tourist thing. The next spot is going to be rustic.