Houston, TX and NASA

We weren't able to stay in Galveston another night thanks to Spring Brake demand, so we moved to a RV park just north of Houston on the way toward Louisiana. The next day was the day at NASA! Drew was so excited about going there. (Not as excited as he would have been if it were SpaceX of course, but excited. He went right back to playing Kerbal Space Program, once we got back to the RV. Lol ;)

We watched the movies, saw the display's and walked along the Saturn V. We took the tram tour to Mission Comtrol, and learned a ton of space facts...both from the guides and Drew.

Afterwards we ate at the Texas Roadhouse, and I finally got to eat Ribs! I'm tired and ready to go to bed, so I can be alert for the drive tomorrow, to Baton Rouge, LA.

So Long Texas!