South Carolina and Myrtle Beach

We finally made it to South Carolina. It was a late check in, but we are maybe 200 ft from the entrance to the ocean. Sarah and I walked along the beach, and saw a couple large Jellyfish, one as big as my head! The next day, Drew and I did laundry, and let the girls sleep in. Just about as soon as we got back, Destiny started screaming. She was suddenly in the middle of the trailer buck naked, her swim suit was covered in ants! She had just gotten dressed in the bathroom where we found an ant army had just decided to invade. It wasn't there earlier in the morning, so we had caught it early. Sarah pulled everything out of the bathroom, and I sent the kids to the beach so we could spray and air out the trailer. Destiny, it appears, has had a lifetime fear of being covered in ants, so this event triggered her. After everyone calmed down, and we knew there were no more active ants in the trailer, we finally started the day. It was 3:00pm.

When I called to extend our stay another day, I was told the extra day hold we had added was no longer available. So we will be leaving after only 2 nights. It wasn't the day or days we had planned, but we did get to drive around Myrtle Beach and to Target, and then walk the beach a few times. 

Sarah and I walked the beach at sunrise, the morning before we left. It was beautiful, cold, and a nice farewell to the ocean as we head back across the country towards Arizona. It will be our last ocean stop for a while. North Carolina is next, I hear there is a pretty cool zoo there.