Side Note on Parenting and Coming of Age

My oldest daughter has passed all her final exams, and is set to graduate in roughly a week. I told Sarah, "We did it! We raised a child! It was easy, and she practically raised herself. ;) The next two should be cake!"

I was joking, of course. We both knew it wasn't easy at all, and we will never truly finish being parents. I drove for 15 hours, then slept in the Walmart parking lot for 4 and then drove another 9 to get us to Idaho, and help Destiny surprise her boyfriend a day early. He seemed excited to see her early, and I know she was completely excited to see him.

He had gotten a car, since we last saw him, and she sat with him in it. I suddenly began to feel a bit odd. Have I done enough to prepare her for the complete and utter independence, she is about to find herself in? I'd like to say it is her coming of age adventure...but I think it is really more mine. I am now a parent with a grown up kid! I suddenly realized she will probably be fine, but I didn't do anything to prepare myself for the momentous event! I am coming of age! The age of hands off parenting, and of hoping she will be ok despite days of no contact. She may even get home late and I won't even know! This road tip adventure that I thought was about being the parent I wanted to be, may have just been me avoiding the parent I don't want to be next. The parent of adult and independent children. Wow! Mid life crisis, here I come!