Senoia, GA and The Walking Dead

Initially, we had planned to swing by the CDC, to see where the walking dead was filmed, but it turns out it wasn't filmed there at all. It was filmed at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. We drove past, but didn't get out. We actually discovered that much of the location filming was done at a small city outside of Atlanta called Senoia, GA.

We drove the 1.5 hours to get there, and we were able to see where they filmed for the city called Alexandria. It had metal walls surrounding the set, and signs of course. Sarah and Delilah were really excited. We then drove around the corner to the Main Street in Senoia, and saw the city they used for Woodbury, in the earlier seasons. We walked up and down, and found out the street has been used for several movies. They have metal plaques in the sidewalk, to denote the several movies and tv shows they were part of. Fried Green Tomatoes, Sweet Home Alabama, Walking Dead and about a dozen others. The buildings and feeling was really pretty cool, and they had a walking dead cafe, that sold every kind of fan item imaginable. We ate a bit at a BBQ place called Katie Lou's that featured photos of the guy from  top gear, who was from there. We also got the kids a shaved ice called, "The Zombee". We had a good day, then drive back to our site. It was pretty cool for a day that started without any real plan. The next day we were off to Nashville, TN