Sarah's Childhood, and Island vs City Life

We arrived on Whidbey Island later in the evening, and somehow managed to back up the hill in the dark, after quiet hours, and got connected and mostly level. I don't talk too much about the technical parts of this RVing trip, but this was a spot that really tested what I had been learning. Sarah was never quite happy about how it was sitting and kept saying it felt like it would roll, but it was secure, and never did.

The first day we explored the Island. We drove to Oak Harbor and past the house Sarah had spent a few summers. She isn't typically fond of her childhood memories, but this one seemed to make her happy. She told the kids about all her activities there as a kid, and they got to know more about their mom in the process. It was a fun day. It was nice to see everyone move so much slower on the Island, especially when contrasted to what we were about to see the following day.

The next day, we drove into Seattle. We parked the car in a garage by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation at the base of the Space Needle, and walked from the garage to the MoPop. We didn't go into the Museum featuring a Jim Henson Museum, or up the Space Needle. It all seemed a little crowded and commercial, plus crazy expensive for 6 people, considering what it was. We looked around and walked to the monorail for Pike's Place.

Pike's Place was the main reason we were excited to see Seattle. The monorail was fun, and pretty short. We were excited and instantly saw the crowds of people and the cities culture. As we walked toward Pike's Place it just got thicker. More smells, more noise, more people. By the time we got to the actual Market, my kids were ready to go! They are all a bit claustrophobic apparently, and the tight space of the actual mall and shops and everything was putting everyone on edge.

We stood in line for a Russian bakery Drew really wanted to visit, and bought some delicious meat pies and rolls. It had a long line, but it moved quickly and the food was very good. We then strolled to where I could see the ocean, and discovered we weren't on the water at all. Pike's Place was a mall! It was like 7 or more stories tall. We had only walked halfway along one floor, before everyone wanted to get out. Sarah and I managed to talk everyone to go see the other thing we had came for, the gum wall. We got there with our gum ready, and had fun sticking it on the wall. We then ventured through one more corner of the mall, before heading back to the car.

Pike's Place was really pretty amazing. We had found a spice shop, selling every kind of spice known to man. We also bought some coconut almonds, at a small nut shop. In the end I will come back with Sarah one day, but it was a bit too touristy and crowded for my family crowd.

We left the Island and decided to save time, and see more of the ocean, by getting on a ferry with the whole Tahoe and Trailer. It cost about 80 bucks, but the ferry ride was fun. It was a first for everyone but Sarah, and dropped us off at Port Townsend, on the other side from Seattle. It was well worth it, and a nice driving break for me. After that, we drove down the 101 all the way to Seaside, OR. It was a long drive, but beautiful. If I hadn't been pulling the trailer, I would have really enjoyed it. As it was, it was still a nice drive.


A few Washington State Essentials. :)