Queen City, TX and Texarkana

One of the couples we had hoped to catch up with were Michael and Tracy Lee. They live in a city called Queen City, TX and own a funeral home there. We met them back when we joined Angel Shots Photography years and years ago, and have kept in touch through Facebook and stuff. When I had spoken to Tracy earlier, I had calculated we may not make it down to them, but after the diamond mine, they turned out to be very close. We decided to swing by, for what was supposed to be a quick visit, and maybe join them at a restaurant for a meal. Southern hospitality kicked in, and before we knew it, we were all hooked up to stay a couple nights, behind the funeral home. We stayed up talking till about 1:30 am, and decided to go out the following day, for some local adventures.

Michael, a retired military man, among his millions of other activities, had quite a gun collection. Every gun Drew would mention, he would simply pull it out of his collection, and Drew was able to check it out! Literally every gun, and quite a few extras. I was amazed at Michael's knowledge and at Drew's ability to keep right up with him. I was lost! Drew's favorite and nearly legendary gun is a Mosin-Nagant. Of course, Micheal had one. Not quite the Russian one Drew want's to get but the one made in China. I thought it was close enough for me. Michael offered to take us out to their family property and go shooting. Drew was crazy excited, but Tracy had other plans for the girls. Her close friend owned a beauty school, and Tracy made the arrangement for the girls to go there and get the works! The prices were real reasonable, and the owner watched her students like a hawk, according to Sarah. They did a great job, and all three girls loved the hair colors, styles and the experience. Sarah said she felt like royalty.

After shooting with Michael, we set up for the night's bonfire on the grass, and then went to go see his experimental aircraft. Drew, again, loved it. Michael was a hovercraft pilot in Desert Storm for Seal groups, so flying is just another hobby for him. We went to Walmart and bought the items for the bonfire hotdog roast, and the live worms for bait. We would be fishing later in the evening.

When the girls got back, we all got in our cars and went to Tracy's cousin's house, where their private Lake was stocked with fish. No license needed, and literally throw in the line, catch a fish. Everyone but Delilah (who objected to catch and release fishing) caught a fish, with me and Drew catching several. We released them back into the lake, as we didn't really want to eat their fish, bit Drew became quite a fisherman. He was baiting the hooks without gloves and everything. Brime and spotted bass, is what we caught, and I needed gloves to get them off the hook. Slippery and poky at the same time! We saw fireflies and picked wild berries on the way out of the property, then lit the big bonfire back at the funeral home before bed. It was a long and fun country day, and everyone had a blast...except maybe the fish, but at least they got a worm.

The next day, we woke up and got ready to leave. They had parting gift for the kids of an amazing jewelry kit for the girls, and a survival knife for Drew. Amazing hospitality that comes from beyond being southerners, Michael and Tracy are one of a kind! I only hope they make it out to see us one day, so we can attempt to show them as good of a time.

Off to Oklahoma, but I think we would all rather have stayed longer in Queen City.