Oklahoma City, OK and the Obligitory Tornado

After leaving Texas, again, we traveled up to Oklahoma. It was a beautiful drive, past all kinds of farms and greenery. From where we started, there was no Interstate route, so we traveled the state highways and local turnpike. It was a beautiful drive. We stopped at a KOA that literally had a farm at the camp. We settled in for a quick one night stay, so we could drive to Oklahoma City the following day.

About 11:30 all of our phones began to alert, "Take shelter immediately!" TORNADO watch!

We grabbed our dog and headed to the office. We were met by a camp host who was holding his dog, and he opened the building rally room. Others soon joined us, and we all watched the news, listened to the hail, and watched as they talked about the actual neighborhood we were in, until it was safely past us. No tornado ever touched down by us, but everyone in my family decided that it would be our last night in Oklahoma! The next morning, after a sleepless night, we headed to Oklahoma City to see the survivor tree, then head the rest of the way toward Texas.

The tree was pretty amazing, but the story even more so. They harvest and transplant the seeds and saplings all over, so it will live on, far beyond it's natural life. It is a beautiful monument. We didn't do the whole museum, but we still all appreciated the area and memorial itself.

We left and headed straight toward Amarillo,TX. No one wanted to spend another night in Oklahoma. We didn't get all the way out of Oklahoma, so we stopped and over nighted at a Walmart. The next morning we were up at 4:30 am, and literally drove straight through to Las Cruces, NM! It was 626 miles in a single day, most I've done so far! Crazy. When we got to Las Cruces, we were exhausted. We did laundry that was sorely needed, and went straight to bed. Next stop will be the Tucson, Catalina State Park. So minimal services, but finally close to family and familiar faces.