Nashville, TN and The Parthenon

Driving to Nashville was beautiful. We drove up through Chattanooga, TN. The visitor center was literally on an island, as soon as we crossed the border. It was beautiful, and Dolly Parton was there. Well it was a cut out of her, but it still made for a cool photo. The roads cut in through the granite, and made for some amazing cliff like walls, as we drove. We eventually got to Nashville at the North KOA, just after sunset.

The next day was Easter, and we stayed home and cooked, while the kids worked on homework. It rained off and on, and all night. The following day we traveled into Downtown Nashville. Drove down Broadway, and past the Grand Ole Opry. We went to Centennial Park, and walked around the beautiful park, featuring a full to scale, replica of the Parthenon in Greece! Apparently, it was built for an Expo, in the 1890's and it's the only actual size replica in the world! So, we travelled to Nashville for a bit of Greece! lol It was pretty amazing though. It started raining again while we were there. We drove back to the RV park in the storm. Tomorrow, we will be moving to a state park campground, close to the farm where we have scheduled a blacksmith class for Drew and myself.