Phoenix, AZ and Destiny's Finals

We were recommended a RV park, by our friends Arnie and Stephanie, who are now full timers in their RV. It was nice, but it wasn't home. The kids spent a few days doing school work, and we visited with all our friends. It was fun, but it wasn't home.

We drove past our old house, on our way to see our good friends, Mark and Maren. It had been rented out, but it looked the same as we left it. It didn't feel at all like home. I kind of thought that coming back to Phoenix, so Destiny could take her finals, would feel like coming home...but in the end, it has really just made me painfully aware that we don't have least not there. Destiny passed all her finals. We went out to a fancy dinner with the two couples, we had become closest to in Arizona, then went bowling. Since Maren and Sarah both have May birthdays, it was a triple duty Birthday, Hello, and Goodbye event. We had a real fun time, and left the next morning. Both couples came by the RV park to wish us good luck, as we resumed our travels and headed to Idaho. They will be missed until we see them again, but it wasn't like leaving home. We decided to skip heading back to Vegas, as that is our return route, once we leave Idaho. We decided to head straight north through Flagstaff and Utah to Twin Falls, Idaho. We were going to hurry, so Destiny could surprise her Boyfriend. Every one is excited to get there, and get a look at what we are hoping will be our, "New Home."