Montgomery Bell State Park and Farmer Steve

Drew's 16th birthday was going to happen during our trip. Though we didn't know for sure where we would be, we had planned to do something special for him, on the road. We found a small farm, offering Blacksmith classes, so we decided to stay another night or two in the Tennessee area. We traveled to Montgomery State Park, just outside of Nashville. It was the closest RV spot to the farm. Drew and I took the class together, it was lots of fun, we learned a lot, and Drew really enjoyed it. I think I see a small forge in our future. We got there a bit early, and the gentleman who owned the farm, "Farmer Steve", gave us a little tour. Sarah and the girls looked around a bit, then decided to sit in the car till the class was over. When it ended, it was pitch black on the farm. We thanked our hosts and all got in the car. It wouldn't start. The girls had literally dried up the battery, while waiting. The car wouldn't take a jump, and AAA couldn't get a battery to us. Fortunately, "Farmer Steve" had a battery charger, and we were able to get it started and leave. As we drove in the absolute dark, we literally drove past a bear. It was right on the side of the road. The kids and Sarah were already freaked out because of the battery, and the fact the the car had been parked on a very steep hill so it read 0 mile range for gas, and there was a real low thick fog that made it hard to see. The bear on the side of the road, didn't help much. I assured everyone that the tank now said we had a 50 mile range, the gas station was only 6 miles away, and the battery was charging while we drove. We would not have to stop and meet the bear, face to face. We got to the gas station and filled the car with gas, grabbed some supplies at the Walmart, and got back to the trailer by about 10:30. We ate late and were so tired the next morning, that we decided to stay another night, and make it another school day. Next we will be heading to Memphis, then on to Arkansas.