Mobile, AL and the USS Alabama

After leaving New Orleans, we didn't really have any plans, except to get to the Florida Keys. We asked the kids to find something to do in or about Pensacola, as that is where we would probably get to. We found a spot at a KOA in Lillian, AL. It was right on the other side of the river from Florida. Drew found a cool place he wanted to see, the USS Alabama, in Mobile, AL.

The girls were both behind on school, and Drew worked hard to get not just caught up but ahead. We headed back to Mobile, and left the girls at the beautiful camp on the bay, so they could work on homework. It was going to be a boy's day of Battleships, Submarines, Fighter Planes and Tanks! 

We had a blast! It was amazing how much Drew already knew, about the all the stuff we saw. He was like my own personal tour guide. It was amazing all the valves, gauges, buttons, and switches there were. I also could not believe how small all the spaces were. It was made for little people, definitely not those of us over 6'. Drew really enjoyed all the military stuff. If he goes on to design and develop Mars habitat's, I'm sure he will remember the living spaces on the sub and battleship. After that, we drove back to the RV and Sarah had St. Patrick's day dinner all set for everyone. It was a a great day.