Middleton, ID and Making New Friends

We arrived at the RV park in Middleton. It was nice and mostly concrete. My daughter's boyfriend Hayden is joining us for the next month or so, and meeting his parents was a key part of this stop. They are extremely nice people. What a relief! I've never had a problem meeting and getting along with a stranger. I believe it comes from all those years taking Senior Portraits, and other portraits during my photography years. I can usually carry a conversation with nearly anyone, and have enough communication skills to be sure they enjoy it, perhaps even smile a bit. "Click"

Fortunately, I didn't have to do any of that with them. They were interesting, engaging, held similar values, and I felt so much better knowing Destiny would be in good hands while she was there. I've always had faith Destiny is strong enough to endure and succeed anywhere and through anything...but I don't need to test that, and I'm glad that she won't have to in Idaho.

I was then able to move on to considering Idaho for us. It was a bit of what I expected. Small town, rural, and quiet. Driving down Main Street at 11:30 was quite an eye opener. It was as far from Las Vegas as a city could get. I'm uneasy here. They say things and people are slower in rural areas, and that may be true, but I wonder if they are normal, and I just can't slow down. I feel impatient, and I walk too fast everywhere.

We left Middleton to head to Vegas. Adding Hayden makes it my tribe of Six. We got as far as Provo on the first day drive, and tomorrow we will head to Las Vegas. Home to see family, and celebrate my daughter's graduation.