Memphis, TN then The Crater of Diamonds State Park

Tennessee is beautiful. We drove from Nashville to Memphis, and the scenery was amazing. I've never seen so many shades of green. In Memphis we drove past Graceland, and bought an Ice Cream cake for Drew's birthday. We celebrated in the trailer, and stopped in front of the mansion for a few quick photos, in front of the wall where everyone has written names, dates, and messages to Elvis and his memory. Then, we drove off toward the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

We wouldn't be able to get there the same night, so we had planned on hitting a Cracker Barrel on the way. Nice place, right of the freeway. It was loud but it felt safe, and the manager seemed real nice when we called to make sure it was ok. The next morning we found a Kroger in Benton, and a Petco for Daisy, so we had all the supplies we needed to head to the park.

As we checked in, we found out the day we are planning to dig at the mine, is the same day they start a promotion to find the hidden engagement ring. It was going to be a bit more crowded, but maybe we could find something real special.

It rained the night before and they said it was good and would expose more stones, but dry sifting would not be available, only wet sifting. We hadn't really anticipated all the mud! As we stepped around, our shoes would literally sink in the mud and get pulled off. Sarah began to walk around barefoot like some of the people! It was crazy muddy and wet. We never found any diamonds, at least none we identified as diamonds. We probably found dozens, but they were pitched to the discard pile unknowingly.

We had a good time, and found other rocks to keep and tumble. I even brought a half bucket of gravel we washed, but didn't get to examine yet. Maybe we will find a diamond in there, when we get to sort it later. On to Queen City, TX to catch up with some long time friends.