Lumberton, NC and a Day of Homework

On our way out of Myrtle Beach, we got a late start. We stopped for breakfast, then the mall to buy new shoes. We drove out on "the scenic route", and since we were up to see the sunrise, I was pretty tired. We had originally planned to stop and stay at a Cracker Barrel  but since it was still pretty early, we decided to stay a night at a KOA in Lumberton. The internet was pretty good, so we decided to stay a second night, and have a school day. The internet faded a bit in the first night, but was ok the rest of the time. The park was a bit run down, but most people only used it for an overnight parking spot anyway. It was there we learned about the world's largest Zoo. So our next stop will be toward Greensboro, to visit the North Carolina Zoo. It has 2000 acres, with 500 acres already developed and the rest being planned still. It has less species than some zoos, but the area is supposed to be the largest in the world, for a walking zoo. We will know more when we see it, but at least now we have a plan, for North Carolina.