Las Vegas, and Mixed Feelings

We arrived in Vegas, and slept. Long drives are becoming my least favorite travel event. I wish the world was closer together. The next day, we went shopping for Destiny's graduation party in Vegas, and brought it all to my brother's house. Rudy won a catered party, and had offered to have it for Destiny's party. It was an amazing gift. The next day we put the final touches on decorations, and enjoyed the party, where no one had to cook! Cynthia still brought some amazing baked deserts, and Mr. Lopez brought some homemade salsa. The party was a success, and everyone came who could. We all had a great time.

We had to be in Phoenix the next morning at 9:00 am, so we had to leave after the party that night and drive straight there. I will never do that again. I literally had to have Sarah watch me, at the end, so when I fell asleep, she would shout and wake me up. It was stupid. We barely made it, and I slept in the trailer in front of our friends house, until I woke up.

Las Vegas, has brought back a bunch of mixed feelings. We were hoping to end our trip in Idaho, and work and live there for a bit. Being in Vegas with family, made us remember how much we enjoyed hanging out with everyone. So now I am expanding our options to look for work in both places. Perhaps we will let fate decide, and live wherever I get a job first, or the best offer.

We have two days till Destiny's actual graduation. We are all feeling we just want to stop for a bit, but we need to finish the drive back to Idaho with Hayden and Destiny. So we will continue.