Kansas City and Reflections Forward

I drove all day through Kansas. We drove past the geographical center of the country. Our spot was actually just north of Kansas City, in Saint Joseph. Our friends, Arnie and Stephanie were camping at Smithville Lake. We decided to stay in for the first day, since everyone was still exhausted and pretty sleep deprived. The next day we went to the lake, to chill with our friends. It was a beautiful day and I got the personal tour with Arnie about everywhere he used to live and grew up, as we went to the store for dinner stuff. It was nice meeting all his kids and grandkids. It was a bit of a glimpse forward for me, as they are about 10 years older than us. His kids could be mine in 10 years, making me a grandpa of small kids running around. I shared this with Sarah, who said, "Slow Down." However, I couldn't help thinking about the future with Destiny and Hayden off walking hand in hand around the lake. My kids are getting older, and as a side effect, so am I.

After dinner, just before it was going to get dark, we drove to Kansas City. We took to cars, and had Arnie on speakerphone as we drove. It was a neat way to see the city. We weren't able to find any gas stations that had the Kansas magnet we needed. I will need to buy a Kansas one online. We separated for the Gibsons, and drove back to Saint Joseph. There was a quick scare when the car wouldn't start, but it turns out it was just a loose battery connection, from when I had to replace it in the dark in an Autozone parking lot. We buttoned up and began our trip north. Our next stop will be Mitchell, SD.