Glacier National Park and the Drive to Get There

Thankfully it was a short drive to Missoula from Yellowstone, because I was still recovering from the driving there. We stayed at a Jellystone RV park. It was our first time with the chain. It was Yogi Bear themed, and the only bear I had hoped to see at Yellowstone anyway. The kids looked at the mini golf course but everyone was tired and just enjoyed the slower pace of the shorter drive. We decided to head toward Glacier National Park the next day. It was a long drive there, but we knew we would likely never be this close again, since it was literally on the Canadian border. It was a two hour drive to the park. We hit the visitor center and drove the "Highway to the Sun" it still had a section closed due to snow still being removed, but we went as far as we could. We stopped at the pebble beach lake Destiny wanted to see, and the rocks were amazing and colorful as expected. We hiked the avalanche falls trail, and saw the beautiful waterfall that my photos will never do justice. It was a multi level fall and the depth between is hard to capture along with the scale. It is a sight to see in person.

We found a few walking sticks and bagged a few beautiful rocks for our collection. We then drove back to camp along the other side of the lake. The way up was prettier on the east side, but faster on the west side. Most people slept on the way back so it was good it was not as pretty anyway. Tomorrow we head toward Seattle and will see how far we get.