Feelings of Home, and Family

We arrived in Tucson and met with Sarah's parents. Freeman and Rebecca had just gotten home from an RV adventure themselves. We swapped stories and had pizza. It's funny how though we have never lived in Tucson, going there regularly to see them made it feel a lot like home. I feel like the homeless traveler still feels a need to return home. The next day we enjoyed their hospitality again, and we all went to Indian food, for a second go at Drew's Birthday. Rebecca even had a cake for him, on the evening we first arrived. The kids then did some homework on "real" internet, and I took my first afternoon nap in forever! The next day, we had lunch at their new favorite Mexican food buffet and said goodbye. We were off to Phoenix, so Destiny could take finals.

I was surprised at what good sleep we got in the trailer while at the state park. I think it has to do with knowing where we were. Not just on a map, but knowing the area, the people, and having family close. Being officially "homeless" while we travel, we are all kind of coming to a consensus that we need to find a "home" for ourselves. Even if we travel a bit more, we will need to know where home will be, even if we are not there yet.

After our travels, we have all decided we don't want a big city life, and will be looking for a town to live in. With Destiny set on going to school in Idaho, we are going to look for a place to have a few chickens there. We are all excited to get to Idaho, to look for a new home. We are so excited, we may even cut our trip a bit so we can get the new home we want. Only time will tell, bit for now...it's off to Phoenix.