Family and Fun Times

We arrived in Las Cruces,NM late in the evening. It was another long drive. The next day we went to my nephew Race's graduation. The ceremony was at the university stadium. It was a lot more like a Vegas ceremony than Destiny's was. A band was playing, we sat high in the arena, and there was a big screen showing close up video of the graduates as they walked. It was typical for a graduation, and in the end we all went to my sister Melody's house for a party. She had made excellent enchiladas and the classic beans and rice. It was nice visiting with everyone, and another reminder of the importance of having family. Jamey and Melody mentioned several times, how we should relocate to New Mexico, and why it would be nice. I know they miss having family around as well.

The next day, we all went to the White Sands National Monument. It was one of the first places we stopped on our trip, but now everyone was together there. The kids had a blast as usual, and Destiny was excited to show Hayden what it was like. My knee hurt, and I stayed close to the restroom. I sat with my Dad, and began to realize I was older than I had been thinking. I'm glad we are doing this now instead of in my 70's, as I'm sure it will be even harder and more physically challenging as we get older!

We enjoyed the Sunset, and went back to Melody's house. She made burgers, and leftovers, and everyone had their fill. We all said goodbye, as we would be leaving early the next morning. I'm glad we were able to share Race's graduation. Destiny and Race are 6 weeks apart, and I'm sure Melody is going through what I am. Whatever changes lie ahead for our families, it's comforting to know we all are in it together. Our next stop will be Santa Fe, New Mexico.