Destiny's Graduation Ceremony

Destiny's graduation ceremony was very different from anything we have been to before. Sarah and I had always gone to ceremonies at the Thomas and Mack. It's a big indoor venue, tickets were required, and one school goes  after another. Destiny's was more like what we had seen in the movies. The school football field was the venue. They placed chairs on the field, and un-ticketed seats were available on the bleachers. We were to drop her off early, then come back for the ceremony.

All of the grandparents were at the hotel. I dropped off Destiny, ran to Costco with Hayden to get the cake, and joined everyone at the hotel happy hour for the free drinks and light dinner. Big plug for the Drury Inn! Awesome hotel, and literally fed breakfast and dinner for my family. It was like my room was free with the cost of meals.

We took two cars for the group and drove to the ceremony at the school. Parking was horrendous, and we ended up parking at a Mormon church, thanks to Maren, and walk a long walk to the school. We got there and there were no seats. We stood at the base of the bleachers, and leaned on the chain link fence. It was actually ideal for seeing, but it was a long ceremony, and we all had sore feet in the end.

We cheered for Destiny, and Hayden did the air horn. It had all the same ceremonial pieces as normal. Destiny was able to sing in the choir, she smiled after getting her diploma and waved walking down back to her seat. They all threw their hats in the air, and parents all walked out onto the field to congratulate their graduate after the ceremony. My family started feeling a bit claustrophobic, so we all found a corner off to the side to hug Destiny and take photos with family. We then trekked back to the cars, and drove back to the hotel for cake and pizza.

We all enjoyed the pizza, cake, and the conversation. Then we said goodnight and goodbye to everyone, and all went to our rooms. Tomorrow we drive to Las Cruces, NM to go to Race's graduation.