Colorado Pass and West Kansas

We decided to pass, on Colorado and drove through the corner and traveled through the Comanche grassland. We drove all day. The mountains and the coming storm, encouraged us to keep moving East. Our destination, Kansas City, was at the far east end of the state, and an impossible day drive, so we decided to dry dock in a Walmart parking lot.

The sleep was horrible, so I was still real tired in the morning. Sarah and I decided we needed a full break, so in the morning we just crossed into Kansas and stopped in Goodland, KS. We found a nice KOA and they checked us in early. We watched a movie, went shopping and enjoyed doing nothing for a day.

That evening the storm caught up to us. There wasn't a tornado watch or warning this time, but the ping pong ball sized hail was a problem. It pounded down and was so loud, it freaked everyone out. We heard a crash in the bathroom, and found the hail had completely demolished the vent cover. Water and hail were pouring in. Me and Hayden taped a towel up, and it stopped the hail from getting in and slowed the water to a drip. When the rain stopped, we switched it out to plastic bags, and we all tried to get to bed. In the morning, I surveyed the damage. The vent cover was completely destroyed, and it was probably because of the Arizona heat. The plastic was so thin and brittle. The hail had also broken the screen and one of the fan blades. I was able to find a nearby RV camp and they said they had several style of vent covers on hand. I quickly drove there and bought the one that fit mine. They didn't have the screen or fan parts, but at least it would be water tight. I made the repair and we were back on the road. Next stop Kansas City.


Items we bought after the STORM! We should have bought the cover from the beginning, but the fan turned out to be welcome upgrade as well. It moved air through the whole RV real well.