Blythe and Jekyll Islands and Driftwood Beach

We left Orlando, and it's concrete wonders, and drove north to Brunswick, GA. We found an awesome campground in a place called Blythe Island. It has a pier on the salt river side, with a warning to watch for Manatees, and a large pond with fresh water fish and a beach. It has a campfire ring, and beautiful trees, trails, and views. The first night started rough. The trailer slid off of the jack stand and dropped 7-8 inches to the ground! We managed to get it back up, and on the car, then reset everything. That night we slept with the trailer on the car and the stand, just in case. There was also a tornado warning all night, and lots of lightning and rain. It was a pretty sleepless night. The next day, a neighbor, oddly enough also from Ahwatukee in AZ, suggested we see Jekyll Island. They had filmed a bit for The Walking Dead there, so Sarah and Delilah were pretty much sold. 

There is a place there called driftwood beach where all this amazing driftwood collects from the various islands in the area. Huge exposed root balls, and amazing white sands and grasses. It was truly pretty amazing. The Island had a ton more to see and do, but we got a late start due to the previous night's storm. We enjoyed the afternoon, visited the Sand Dune beach where sea turtles lay there eggs, and saw large jelly fish and living sand dollars on the beach. 

We shopped at the grocery store for a few nights supplies and headed back to the trailer for a nice campfire, s'mores, and Mike's Hard Lemonades. It was a nice break from the Tourist world of Orlando. We will be putting a lot more of these types of days on our schedule going forward.