Big Springs, TX and the Flea

After Carlsbad we got as far as BigSprings, TX. We thought we would stay an extra night, as the Internet was good, and the laundry room was nice. Kids could use a day of nothing to get caught up on school work. The next morning...Sarah found a flea on Daisy! Those that know Sarah know that the day took a radical turn. I bought every known flea shampoo, spray, and collar available, and we owned the laundry room literally all day. We tore everything up! Everything from all the bedding and pillows to packed cupboards and cubby boxes, were emptied and washed. Of course the dog is as clean as she has ever been, with her new flea collar. The kids worked on homework, and by the next morning, we were all really ready to get out of BigSprings, TX. (Sarah is convinced the flea joined us in LasCruces, since my Brother has had a problem there before.)


Flea Extermination