Baton Rouge, LA and New Orleans

We left Houston, and traveled most of the day to Baton Rouge, LA. We booked a site at the KOA there for three nights, so the kids could have one full day to work on school work, and we could catch up on some laundry. The day was a nice change, and we all enjoyed a down day. The next day we went to New Orleans. It was about a 1 hour and 20 min drive. It was awesome driving through the bayous. Most of the interstates were raised above the water, and it was cool too see all the trees growing out of it. When we got to New Orleans, we parked in the lot by Basin St. Station, and walked toward Cafe Du Monde. The smell of the French Quarter was...unique. It was both delicious and disgusting at the same time. Well not at the same time, but quickly one after the other. We would catch a whiff of something great, then followed immediately by bad B.O. or trash and sewer. It was...memorable. We finally got to the Cafe Du Monde. The line was long, and the beignets were great, but the coffee literally burned my tongue off! It was like a pizza burn on the roof of my mouth and my tongue. Then we walked along the Mississippi River, and headed towards another restaurant. We looked at an antique gun and coin store, a cool art gallery with Andy Warhol, Rembrandt, and Salvador Dalí paintings and drawings. And a few other stores. It was nice to visit an art auction house, without worrying the kids would break something. ;)

The restaurant was awesome. I ordered the fried shrimp and fried oyster Po Boy, which was delicious. We walked a bit more, back toward the car. We had hoped to catch a cemetery tour, of one of the great historic cemeteries, but they all stopped by 3:00, and it was a bit after that. Sarah was disappointed, but Drew was a bit relieved. ;)  After that it was a drive back to Baton Rouge, and a quick Pizza in the RV. It was a long, but fun day. Tomorrow we leave towards Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We are not sure how far we'll get but... like always, we will keep everyone posted. ;)