The Family

A little bit about us.


Sarah Roybal

I'm a Mom on a Mission. 48 States, 6 Months, 3 Children, 1 Husband, and a Dog.


Bobby Roybal

I'm a husband and father of three. I've spent more time than I can recount on photography and computers. I'm educated and experienced...and now I want to do something! This site is an outlet for my own artistic endeavors, my life changing road trip, and my decision to minimize the stuff in my life to the essentials of what I want and need.


Destiny Roybal

Adult in training with hippy tendencies. Loves sushi, art, and moo cows. Bukuduku! She is engaged, and struggles to find time to focus on much else. Any missing blogs or deadlines were probably Hayden's fault. ;) She is also known by friends as the human music genome project, and loves discovering lyrics to new songs. Fun fact, she is ambidextrous, but is cursed with hereditary clumsiness.


Drew Roybal

Son of the Brother of "TheMan", Gamer, Demolitions Expert, Geek wannabe, holder of random facts and knowledge.


Delilah Roybal

Anime movie enthusiast, slime maker, ocean lover. Also known by her aliases: Dragon, grasshopper, alien, giraffe, walnut, shiny potato, tiger, llama, and camel. She is also a part of the BTS ARMY!

A Few of Delilah's Favorite BTS Things ;)