Life on the Road

Hello Everyone! It has finally happened. We sold our house in Arizona and officially moved out on Feb.16, 2017. We put our worldly possesions in storage and headed back home to Las Vegas for a quick goodbye to our family and to drop off some of our pet animals who are not coming with us (our fish and parakeets) for the next 6 months while we are on the road! Thank you Rudy, Sabrina, Hannah, Hailey and Darren for graciously stepping up and taking care of our pets!! We all are very grateful. We will miss all of our family while we are gone!

Months ago when we talked about the possibility of taking our family of five on the road for a 6 month road trip before our oldest child Destiny goes to college, part of me was a little scared and skeptic that it wouldn't really be possible. But here we are and I couldn't be more excited!! My dream is coming true. Yes, its super stressful at times and I constantly pray for peace and our safety as we drive out on this open road but I have faith that we are doing the right thing for our family at this moment in time and I am enjoying every moment. The big ones and the small. This is an experience my family will remember forever.

Our second stop was back to Arizona for a quick stop in Tucson to say goodbye to my Dad and step-mom Rebecca. They just bought a Class C RV, so we met them at the Catalina State Park for the night. What a beautiful RV park. We wanted to stay a few days longer, but they were all booked up! If you ever get a chance, I definitely recommend camping here. Just make sure to make reservations in advance! :)

Our third stop was Las Cruces, New Mexico. We have family here too (my husband Bobby's sister Melody and her family) , so we made sure to see them while we were there. We also went to the White Sands National Park. Very awesome! Two of our nieces joined us that day and provided the sand discs to slide down the hills of White Sands! Fun! Fun! Fun! What a workout!! We all had a great time! We had a picnic lunch there and then dinner that night at Melody's. She bought us pizza and salad from one of her local favorites and it was delicious!! Thanks Mel! I forgot the name of the place though. Sorry ;) The next day we met them for lunch at El Sombrero Express ,where they have the best salsa and queso you will ever have! That stuff is addicting!! We then went to a custard place across the street and everyone but myself had some dessert. I was too full! Then we said our goodbyes and drove to Carlsbad, New Mexico. 

Our fourth stop was Carlsbad, New Mexico. We stayed there for two nights. Our first day there, we went to the Carlsbad Caverns. We have been there before when the kids were a lot younger, but Delilah our youngest didn't remember much. She enjoyed it so much more this time. Its a very long walk, about 2.5 miles all mostly downhill. Very, very steep walking downhill. It's another great workout! We took a lot of cool pics there, then had a picnic lunch. That evening we nerded out and drove to Roswell, New Mexico and had dinner at the McDonalds there in town because it's basically a big spaceship. We also took some pics of downtown Main Street. The street lights had Alien faces on them. Pretty cool! Drove back to the trailer that night looking for UFO's in the sky, but never saw any. ;)