Life is a Journey... Get Lost!

Welcome to our corner of the internet. This site is a way to journey with us, as we travel to all 48 continental states. As we travel, each person in our family will be posting to individual sections of the site. It will be our personal scrapbook, a method to share our adventures, and perhaps even a source of our viewers follow us on our Journey.

We invite you to join us, as we "Get Lost" on the road.

My name is Bobby, and like many 42 year old parents, traveling the journey of life, I have been looking for a change. My wife Sarah and I had been talking about what we would do if we won the Powerball Lottery, which was at a Billion Dollar record, and it came out that she would want to spend the first few months traveling the country with our family in an RV, seeing the country. It seemed to me, that when everyone else was buying golden mansions with their imaginary wife just wanted a vacation!

For a bit of back story, I am an IT professional, but I used to be a photographer. Money was always something we had just enough of. After working my way through college and then acquiring the debt that came with it, having three kids, and moving between states more than people in the military, we had never managed to save that much money. Only in the last 6 years, have we been able to buy a home and pay every bill, as it was due, and have a few bucks to spare. I'm adding this so that it will be clear to everyone...we are not rich. We still live paycheck to paycheck, but we were able to buy our first house, right after the market crashed. We now have a bit of equity in our home, and when we sell it, we will finally have a bit of a "nest egg" to work with.

 Remembering the Alamo... ;)

Remembering the Alamo... ;)

Back to the topic of lottery winnings...Sarah's simple desire to travel with our family, has always been something I had wanted to do too, but I had always thought I could do it later. I'll cut to the chase here...we didn't win the lottery, but the whole thing got me thinking. We could sell our house and do it. We wouldn't be able to jet set to 5 star hotels, and it wouldn't be a Class A motorhome, costing as much as a medium sized house...but we could do it.

Now, I've probably had about three mid-life crises by now. However, my current event centers around the fact that my oldest daughter just turned 18, and will graduate and go off to college in the fall of 2017. I've always told myself that one day after I had finished college, I would do this and that with my kids. Then it was after graduate school, then after I settled in my career. I realized that in May, I won't be the father I wanted to be, I'll be the father I was. At least for one of my kids. Now time was of the essence. I could wait till things were more stable, until I had more money, until it was more convenient at my job...or I could take the leap, sell the house and travel on the equity! Well, if you're reading this you know we chose the leap.

 We bought a 30ft Travel Trailer, to pull with our 2006 Tahoe, and we will hit the road as soon as the house sells. This is the beginning of our latest journey. Through the upcoming months, I'm sure this site will change and morph into all kinds of things. The only sure thing, is that it will be a piece of our "Journey".

Life is truly a Journey. You can make plans, follow intentional routes, and live with the regrets. Or, you can follow your passion, take chances, and get lost!

-Bobby Roybal